Welcome to this page! Please also check my other site, nelitrevisantrustee.ca for additional information, links and images.

My name is Neli Trevisan, and I have been a resident of Barrie since 2003.

I am an educator and believe that providing a high quality of education to ensure student success is one of the most valuable use of our taxes. I have been a strong advocate for this at my children’s school as part of the parent council.  I believe that parents, teachers, school boards and government are partners in education, and have routinely done my part by volunteering to assist the school staff in different capacities: field trips, fundraising, work parties,  coaching; also, by encouraging my children to be responsible students. I have taken the initiative to meet with teachers,  school administrators and Board employees to advocate for change when I felt that the quality of my children’s education was being affected due to staff performance, school climate or need for extra support for staff and children at the school.

As a school board trustee, my goal is to continue working towards supporting our children, school and staff to ensure that their needs are met and to advocate for policy discussion, review and potentially change should that be necessary.

In the current system, parents are many times left alone to fight for change for their children in school. I intend to use my position of elected trustee to work with families and children to achieve the changes they need for sucess, whether it be meeting to find out about Board policies and procedures, advocate alongside them and ensuring that if policies and procedures need to be modified to foster student success, I will bring forth the recommendation to change.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at nelireginatrevisan@gmail.com should you have any questions to clarify my platform or my stance on educational issues.

Thank you for visiting my site, and have a great day!

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